SCRR + RCA Series catalogue (CRAC)

SKM Computer Room Series (SCRR + RCA) is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of precision cooling and to work under Gulf’s severe climatic conditions.

It’s a combination of indoor unit (SCRR) and outdoor unit (RCA) to deliver the best temperature and humidity control for data center applications.

SCRR+RCA units (hermetic scroll) are available in 12 models covering nominal capacity ranges from 5 TR – 23 TR in 60Hz and 5 TR – 21 TR in 50Hz, it’s performance rated in accordance to AHRI1360 and exceeds SASO2874 standard requirement.

SCRR+RCA series adopt in-room precision air conditioner for data center and IT cooling system, this series with advantages of reliability, rigid structure, high performance, advanced controller and precise temperature control , fully satisfies the cooling and humidity requirements of data center.

SCRR+RCA units are internally wired and all that is required to be done on site are ducting, refrigerant piping, power wiring for RCA fans from SCRR, and power supply connection which reduces installation work and consequently keeps costs to a minimum. They are designed for different air flow configuration, down flow or up flow (front or down return).

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