The HVAC Innovation Challenge by SKM Air Conditioning

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates — SKM Air Conditioning LLC , one of the leading HVAC manufacturing companies in the Middle East, launched its first global HVAC Innovation Challenge targeting HVAC professionals, researchers, academics, experts, and students from around the world.

The challenge addresses industry needs through tapping into the wisdom of the crowd, who will then generate innovative solutions and thus contribute to the HVAC industry, society, and environment. The participants with the two best projects will get to win $15,000 - 1st prize - and $10,000 - 2nd prize - respectively. Additionally, the participants with the five best projects will receive commercialization support from SKM to further develop and market their products.

Ideas contributing to enhancing the performance of air conditioning equipment, utilizing renewable energy, introducing air conditioning equipment for agriculture applications, using 3D printing technology in HVAC, developing solutions for open areas in high humidity climate, benefiting from heat losses from air conditioning equipment among others are the main inspiration areas of the challenge. Nevertheless, participants are free to propose their solutions in any other field of interest as long as it contributes to the HVAC industry.

To ensure a fair selection of highly feasible, innovative, and authentic projects, the challenge is carried out in two phases. Participants in Phase One propose project details. Phase One submissions will be evaluated based on authenticity and feasibility. Afterward, qualified participants from Phase One will submit their proofs of concept in Phase Two. The proofs of concept submitted are then screened by a jury of selected members from SKM top management and experts to determine the soundness of their design and methodology, their innovation degree, and their implementation feasibility.

So far, the challenge website is witnessing remarkable traffic from interested participants from around the world. Those are all eager to contribute to the industry and to utilize the lock-down period amid the COVID-19 spread to give back to the HVAC society.

More information is available on the Challenge Official Website , where you can also chat with the team to know more. For sponsorships or partnerships, you can contact